Thursday, 27 August 2015

The man from U.n.c.l.e - the movie!

It looks to be a new trend in Hollywood movies to have a mind boggling stunt within the first few minutes of the beginning. First, The Expendables (3, that is) then MI-the Rogue Nation, with Cruise on an Airplane (pun intended ? not sure ! :D) and now, this one - The man from U.n.c.l.e.

What a weird acronym, you would say, especially if you have watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the Hindi movie (not sure why I had to mention this...I mean, how could an English movie have such a name ?), where the end of the movie has a little girl shouting "UNCLE!!!" for a long time but the Hollywood chappies are smart - they explain what the acronym actually stands for - it starts with 'Universal'...but let me not reveal the suspense by telling you what happens after the movie ends!

This one, though, does not end with a fantastic stunt but takes off with pure, ham-away-actors and with Hugh (whats-his-name ...not Laurie...not Jackman but...granted this is getting condescending...) ah, Grant, pitching in, there is some great stuff for the Maclean-esque thrill (maybe somebody from Hollywood picked up a few hints from my blog (Read my review of San Andreas to make this dense reference clear up any doubts in your mind))

that make action movies a real delight - of course, the usual creeps were there who seemed to have come just to spoil somebody's day at the movies - but then, I could move to anther seat after the intermission as the theater was near empty - but again then, another creep seemed to find it too much and so came specially to sit in the seat behind to make sure that somebody spoiled someone's day at the movies else the world may get hit by an asteroid ! Ah, well!

Why I chose to blog about the movie is that a Bond flick is scheduled to appear in theaters and this one, The man from U.n.c.l.e, seems to have been made so that people are ready for the real James Bond ! The setting, the car chases, the speed boat thrills - what is different though is that it has a gay-like rescue scene, unlike in Bond, where it is usually 'straight' rescues - either the female rescues Bond or Bond rescues females - and unlike in Bond movies, there are only two females, who do not fight each other!

Maybe, this is a 'parallel' Bond-like movie for the 'weird' types, the those who enjoy kinky, non-straight innuendos !

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