Saturday, 29 August 2015

The amazing 'new' VS Code 2015 - a dream !

It - Visual Studio Code - is a new dream for 'old' fashioned devs, who get tired of watching the new gen take a power nap or go for a refill of their water bottle or simply hang their feet (around) while waiting for Visual Studio open, load a solution or check the source control or at times, quite simply hang!

VS Code is totally no-nonsense - no useless, overloaded features that a developer may never use. Instead, you get a feel of using a Notepad!


1. No solution/project.

Either open a file/folder (and if contains a valid VS project, it will open) or use a .json file.

This is it. The ultimate version of the Visual Studio that I have been using for over a decade!

The whole solution and the projects are ready to use in a jiffy and the folder structure is as is. And opening files of other types does not cause a minute lag to open - it is there as soon as you click the file!

2. You can git the file with the changes with just one click.

You have changes to the code? You don't need to to go to the Team Explorer, check the pending changes and spend 10-15 minutes to stage  a one line code change - simply click the 'Stage' button!

3. Commands at your finger tip to modify any editor/environment/package usage.

but you can go overboard with it, if you do not have your senses right ! :D

4. Debug - done with a .json launch configuration file. You will now need node.js if you wish to use VS Code! Debug using the config file or Attach to a port already running the app.

5. Working files - shows the most recently worked files and the unsaved ones!

An absolutely brilliant product !

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