Thursday, 30 August 2012

ECAP 2012, Goa chapter momento

Memento - ECAP, Goa Chapter 2012

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Agile Goa 2012 conference

I had a great experience at the conference on Agile by ASCI for the Goa university, with the Computer Society of India, that was wonderfully organized at the Talegao Community Centre, Goa on 24th & 25th August, 2012, in true Agile spirit with the students doing a great job in coordinating between sessions and helping out with my session on "Respect in the Agile context". A great team effort.

Thanks to ASCI, Computer Society of India and Goa university for carrying forward the flame of the Agile spirit into universities and institutions.

Special thanks to Surbhi, Goa university, for taking that extra effort to take these photographs and to Prajyot Mainkar.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Guidelines for Better Unit Tests
    1. One Assert per test (where possible). 
    2. If there are any "if else" inside a test, move the branches to individual test methods. 
    3. Methods under test, if they, too, have if else branches, the method should be refactored.
    4. Name of the method should be the kind of test. For instance, TestMakeReservation is different from TestMakeNoReservation().
Charlie Poole, author of NUnit, rewords one Assert per to test to one “Logical Assert” – saying “Sometimes, due to a lack of expressiveness in the testing api, you need to write multiple physical asserts to achieve the desired result. Much of the development in the NUnit framework api has been out of an attempt to get a single assert to do more work.”

Monday, 6 August 2012

Respect in the Agile context

From a discussion in LinkedIN's  Agile and Lean Software Development

Respect in Agile is: 

o Comunicating clearly in a way that leaves no possibility for doubt on intent 

o Communicating honestly, but with tact and care for each other's feelings 

o Working to continually improve the way the team functions and interacts 

Working to continually improve the way the team functions and how they interact with each other." Is that

clearer/communicate that point?  (Jan McCleery)

Contributed by Jan McCleery - Here is the link to her blog for more - "What is Respect?"