Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dogmas and conventions

Conventions, when misinterpreted or driven by fear, vested interests or agendas as quick fixes, become dogmas celebrated by stereotyp-ism, politico and the disoriented.

Habits, too, get confused with conventions, often. For instance, many in India visit temples out of a habit while the generally stereotyped believe it to be a convention of the religiously inclined devotees.

It is a morning or an evening walk to the temple or a simple activity that conforms to stay in sync with the tradition as believed by the family or friends rather than be on the wrong side.

Next to religion, where dogmas persist as conventions in India, is in jobs.

One such dogma is to persist with the notion that "Quitting a job without a safe offer or Updating it as your status in social media is an act of stupidity that is not professional and it will be used to manipulate" is almost a protocol and is followed as a convention!!

Convention is "Update your status"; taking the updated status as a submission to slavery and therefore, welcoming jackass trading of pay packages is quite simply sheer lack of belief in one's own capabilities of judgement.

Another interesting dogma is an 'article of faith' (to use an expression used in a similar context in LinkedIn) that becomes dormant in practice due to extensive exposure to what is prevalent and popular and a "therefore, must be right" principle that 'attains' the status of a 'belief' due to irrational acceptance of distorted practices, attitudes, techniques and believing them to be conventions.

Conventions are usually that which conforms to universal acceptance, yes, but when followed impractically and based on irrational reliance on others as beacons to propel the self, result in dogmas, with the effect that irrational minds will most likely begin to become the influential agents in future outcomes because dogmas erode common sense.

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