Sunday, 19 March 2017


A new vision proposed by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, in the India Today conclave, 2017, in which the new India would be all about opportunities and hard work, sets the tone just right for out of the box solutions to some persistent problems over the past century.

That the Prime Minister has announced more reforms in redundant legislative and legal practices and laws is another right step in the right direction for the BJP led government that promises the people of India for some breathtaking changes and initiatives in the near future. The existing techniques used by the human resources, administrative affairs, planning have more often than not led to more problems than resolving them.

The approach, as the Prime Minister said in his address, has to change into a more holistic one. Current planning, at least since 2000, has heavily focused and relied on the Information Technology sector to provide jobs and stabilize the employment ratio but this has caused innumerable side effects like nurturing rogue real estate manipulators, which has resulted in greedy land grabbers taking control over a region, to the effect that even the politics of the country got changed due to it but more importantly, it increased the corruption mafia's hold on many administrative matters as well as affecting the business due to the swing in favor of the greedy manipulators and the whole situation gets back to square one for the people.

To reduce the burden of employment in the IT industry, which projects 'lottery' like dreams to the education sector that there are more riches in the IT jobs than in show biz, a parallel and alternate means to earn should be made available to the people so that anyone, of any age, could do some work and earn money from the government directly, increasing the bonding of people with the country and the government, thereby reducing the scope to favor criminal ways to earn money and reducing the scope for terrorism in the country, and make way for a robust economy with a steadily improving employment ratio. The mafia mentality that ultimately shows up as a mob culture to the outside world, when activists whip up chaos in cities, is actually a product of this system of the 'controlled' and 'organized' sector of the country that has, somehow perfected, 'organized dishonesty'.

So, the agenda-based 'planning' measures and processes should be forsaken for newer approaches with a focus on a leaner approach in governance.

There are only two elements that bother the progress of the country - one, work and the other, money. With just these two elements, the approach is to provide a new model of work - earn from anywhere doing anything!

This new model of work, earn, from anywhere, for any type of work, would also reduce the burden on the government to plan for employment with uncertain data and improve the unemployment scenario in the economy plus it will greatly reduce crime as the means and opportunity to earn for everybody will be readily available.

Other advantages of such a work model are that it will enable social changes with increased, healthy interactions between the people and the various segments of governance. For instance, in India, the saddest of all social evils is the fear to help a rape victim or an accident victim even if the inclinations are right, due to the many pitfalls with hospital regulations and the police, which is, anyway, the most abhorred unit in the country.

When this model of work is implemented, due to the associated evidences of work (that need to be submitted for the government to approve that it is part of the category for which a payment rate is set), the transparency will act as deterrent for the corrupt or ignorant laws 
and the confidence, that the government knows that the accident victim or the rape victim was helped by this citizen and vouched for by a witness, will help reduce the fear of getting framed, .


A government enabled/driven. powered service that would provide for means to earn money by doing any work that a citizen may want to like cleaning the street, helping an accident victim (which is the most troublesome and feared of events due to the various red tape associated with the hospitals and the police and the bribes associated with it would majorly improve public welfare because this service model will not only have everything documented and the police that there would be no possibility that the person helping an accident victim would not get harassed for doing a good job), catching some miscreant on the streets, providing food to some needy, helping an old woman or man crossing the street, fighting against over-charging auto rickshaw driver or helping a girl in distress or helping some needy and if the government cares, just about anything that is considered useful for governance.

This model would accept work done on the streets or at any place, which could be logged in by the citizen with a valid Aadhar card and attested by any other citizen that "Yes, the work for which the person is seeking compensation has been validated" with a screenshot or a mobile picture uploaded to the server for which adequate, appropriate compensation could be remitted by the government, online, directly into the work submitter's bank account or even a PayTm account.
The country has lots of problems - cleanliness, waste management, fringe elements that have no clue nor business to be in any region as they have nothing to do and this lot numbers in millions, in the country, traffic discipline, bribery as a culture in many departments of many organizations (even now, in 2017, driving license can be obtained through bribes), tax evaders at the level of employees of well paying organizations where producing and getting away with fake travel bills, fake fuel bills, undeclared income, false declarations of investments, fake rent receipts to claim HRA is all considered as the 'normal' and anyone who thinks otherwise loses their job or is targeted - and the diktat that it is the government that should handle all the problems and provide solutions is the wrong attitude and the chief cause for such blatant practices to be there in our daily, routine life.