Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The change

Not long ago, maybe less than a decade or so ago, when a mere description of Waqar Younis' "toe crushers", "vicious, in-swinging yorkers", was heard or read in newspapers, was sufficient to conjure up a wholesome visual experience that presented visuals of wide eyed batsmen hobbling away and a tear away fast bowler celebrating with joy - as if having been there!

Those kinds of eloquent writers are probably now waxing eloquence, meaninglessly, to live visuals on television for viewers who, as most probably, listen to music with the box on mute !

But did you realize the impact that such a huge change could have in inter-personal communication, bi-lateral relationships in and between people and countries, emergence of literature vis-à-vis the new 'types' of readers, the 'new' emotional, human and artistic values that get into the cultural system of a country, the sense of importance of imagination, its need 'and' the proportion of it

in the way planning of policies (that depend a lot on predictable human behavior) and other sustenance means of the human life cycle value-chain will be affected by all the above?

It is not a question that has an answer - it is a new type of human existence that provides a different vision of the future just like the new kind of life that must have presented itself to the generations that must have looked at the change that the computer and mobile, smart phone brought on them !

The only difference why it is not the same is that those changes were in material and visible terms.