Monday, 19 June 2017

Docker EE for AWS

Somehow, I struggled through Docker. I will outline my steps so that you don't have to follow the tedious path.

First I tried to install Docker on Windows.

Pitfalls: OS version. If you don't have the Windows 10 Pro edition, you can use the Docker toolbox only.

So, okay. Download the Docker toolbox.

And I checked the VirtualBox option for good measure and it did stand me in good stead because - believe this - the Windows Server image on the EC2 instance cannot have its Hyper-V/AMD something started because you can set the setting only in BIOS and on the EC2 instance, running on Remote Desktop (RDP), there is no way of accessing the BIOS, even if it made sense!

Below is the roadmap of the 1st attempt

Initially, I thought like this:                                                          Then, I thought like this:


No, the above is not a joke. It is the situation one finds in when such thoughts get expressed. It is in this predicament, like in the House MD serial when Dr. House gets his solutions through differential diagnosis, that I discovered this and inserted the below like they insert mesages in captions of social media posts, shares and ads. In any case, my readers do not seem to be human so this might just serve as a reference point!

A joke is when a nutcase from Pondicherry, it seems, holds up many cars because it wants to hire someone! As if it were a Shahrukh Kan trying to hire Sachin Tendulkar or some super influential rich pot pitching for a great rock star! And the actual joke is because of some equally well-nutted nutcases, who first could not understand why Google offered its search services for free and then could not understand why we worked on Open Source projects for free and now cannot understand how Test Driven Development could be if no code exists and so, they want to jam their foot in the door with the justification that the nutcase, without hiring you or without even having a company, (it is all future, you know, and it is based on the fact that the message that it is hiring a person without hiring a person (and believe it, many well-established HR managers know this for a fact but instead of taking direct action through the police, they resort to giving symbolic messages like saying "You are hired" without sending the offer/appointment letter!

One nutcase 'inspiring' many nutcases in the region!) is supposed to make you think that the nutcase is actually asking for its own company or house or political party (something like a ransom!) ie, it is something like TDD, hiring without hiring or even having a job opening or even without a company and that they are testing the 'system' - the governance and the police, as in Test Driven 'Development', and since the media is pretty stupid, it would get blamed on the opposition party! And as in tests, if anybody finds their ways, then there is a punishment clause - the retards who know such crazy goings-on are made to act like judges and pronounce 'Right or wrong' and accordingly, some creeps would bother you at nights, make disturbing noises over your head all night from the house upstairs and for which they create excuses to put such people as tenants in the houses, to the extent of getting admission in colleges where the creeps would have no qualifications to study.

These are nutcases because, because of such obese, narrow-minded retards wanting to know who Bill Gates is before they buy a personal computer, other retarded elements are encouraged to get into their retarded acts, that is causing major problems in the world today.

2nd attempt

I went into the VM using the RDP and started the VirtualBox and gave Ubuntu as the image. Great! It started the VirtualBox but the EC2 instance had only 1 GB RAM and the VirtualBox script wanted 2 GB, by default!

Okay! Let me check if an EC2 instance with a Linux Ubuntu image (AMI) was available. It was but I did not want to get into the Linux OS shell.

So, what is the alternative?

Docker EE for AWS

A native AWS stack that could host a Docker container on a kernel all its own, with a set of Docker engines. No underlying OS but on top of the AWS IaaS services!

Sounds great but you really cannot see it working because when you try to access the public DNS via a browser, an Apache server message will greet you that the url you are looking for cannot be reached although the server is okay!

Docker EE for AWS is a one click template to quickly deploy Docker on Amazon EC2, says the Docker EE Store. And it is, if only the template stayed put in its AWS region. It seems that the tricky part has not been documented.
The KeyPair that the template requires must be an EC2 generated Keypair from the same region in which your EC2 instance is!

Finally, the aws CloudFormation Stack gets created.

You can use this in your Docker EE deployment to AWS

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