Friday, 16 June 2017

Bitnami, WordPress and the AWS - a good rack

I just had to blog this - it is about my new blog on WordPress.

I had moved to Azure from AWS in 2013-14 not because I had anything against AWS or for Azure but simply because clients who wanted to use Microsoft ASP.Net and SQL Server made Azure the natural choice.

But it seems that the instances of Windows Server on AWS are more than that in Azure. The AWS has expanded like the Elastic Beanstalk with DevOps and Big Data capabilities and IoT.

At an estimated monthly cost of $5-6, AWS does offer some cool stuff.

One thing though. Why are the regions active in this menu

when an instance created in a specific region cannot be moved by the selection of a different region from the drop-down menu?

Bitnami on the Cloud with a Launchpad for WordPress is a revelation. Cool integration with aws and it even offers WAMP and other xamp stacks.

And yes, my WordPress blog on the cloud, not yet there, content-wise but it is seo enabled etc!

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