Monday, 25 May 2015

'The Underdog' rocked

One of the most delightful plays performed by delightful actors - "What is wrong with Bangalore Women" - the title though is a little misleading as there is no negativity in the projection of women but observations centered around how some young, lecherous bachelors (did you hear 'bastards'? :D), obsessed with women and girls, interact with each other.

This particular scene is a delightful portrayal of a 'hot' Bangalore girl, a little stupid - She says she wants to go to Egypt and follows with a quip that she has never been to Europe ! and her sexiness and its effect on the audience and the play was electrifyingly funny.

Wish there were more plays like this and more theater groups like 'The Underdog !'

Thanks, Shilpika, for letting me post the pic on the blog. 

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