Saturday, 30 May 2015

San Andreas - it is not my fault ! ;)

The aura of the San Andreas fault was as big as Hollywood in my growing-up days due to my and my friends', (Srini, Ravi (my name is Ravichandran ;)) and a few more at school), obsession with Alistair Maclean novels.

wonder if this image can be used.

After watching the movie, 'San Andreas' (and even while the propaganda campaign was on in Facebook), I did have a feeling that had they heeded the Macelean-esque style of hamming, with dramatic, crisp and witty dialogues, it would have fitted the Rock's own quirky style.

The film is not a disappointment by any standards (the 'father-daughter' (Alexandra) love is almost a take-off from where the 'Taken' duo had left off.) and a much more tolerable movie than many who have reviewed it - as a copy of '2012'.

This movie has lots of humane elements that a tragedy (by modern standards) usually has and as I began to muse on how on Earth were they going to end the movie, the wife (Carla Gugino) says, "So, what are gonna do now?" at the end ;) and here the rest of the cast and the filmmaker missed a dramatic moment of togetherness as if they had not been told what to do. :D

A watch-able movie and in 3-D, it really makes for an enjoyable evening out.

Footnote: San Andreas by Alistair Maclean is a novel.

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