Saturday, 13 December 2014

Yo, l'il Marie!

Yo, l'il Marie!
See, if you don't talk to me,
that dirt truck gonna come mash me
and then you will see what you don't wanna see.

There will be no Rocky Balboa,
and in your eyes no glow
to say, " ****** creepo!"
so talk to me, even if only to say, "Oh!"

Yo, l'il Marie!
Don't talk to me,
if you wanna see the dirt truck mash me
and if you wanna see what you don't wanna see.

It is important to hit
harder than you get hit.
Bother not a bit
if your life is not so well lit.

Yo, l'il Marie!
There doth come a fairy,
when your mind is airy
and dreams coax you to marry.

These streets that you fanned,
with curls and frills unmanned,
and a future unplanned,
need your steps be more manned.

Yo l'il Marie!
believe you me
your fears will flee
and you will be less lonely.

Yo, l'il Marie!
Don't you see?
all that you see
is all that you see.

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