Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A normal life, after all...

(Dedicated in aid of the victims of the Bhopal tragedy, who need lifelong support and help.)

A terrible, terrible sight
a terrible, terrible plight
it is not a matter of right
nor is it a matter of oversight

if riches are given more weight
over nature's might
then such, that does not become a human sight,
becomes the common's terrible, terrible plight.

Utter not nor hear not nor listen not to no evil
See not nor show not nor teach not to know evil
Make not nor buy not nor sell not no evil
Let not nor allow not nor bear not no evil

for the devil is not in the evil
nor in the 'evil' preached as the devil
the evil is the evil
not preached nor practiced nor known as 'evil'.

Normal work that lead to tragedies
normal play end in disaster
but time flies, faster,
to leave normal life that usually dies

all well said and done and taken in the right spirit,
but this terrible plight, that, that makes such a sight
that does not become common sight, a common, every day plight
still persists to be known as an 'oversight'.

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