Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Patterns and nuts!

Ask yourself this - Why do they always put a nut in a place where the spanner cannot reach it? - when you find the problem and the design pattern not matching.

All problems could be the same. It is only the context, the domain, the applicability, the robustness that the solution must be subject to, the experience and maturity of the solution provider that make problems unique and different.

A psycho's reactions can be easily simulated in a child and for those to whom the child is not visible, from afar or through heresy or by reading about it, both will seem the same. It is this knowledge that is important to make decisions and not whether the similarity of actions with a psycho makes a child a psycho nor whether the psycho is a child.

This knowledge, the ability to dwell deep to the real core of a problem, is what is necessary to know where designs emerge and which design patterns to decide on.

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