Thursday, 7 February 2013

The XO 3 - what the child in India wants

The OLPC laptop (XO as it is called) (images are the Concept design)

is a dream for any nation's child education plans and especially for India because of its robustness (unbreakable body), battery that can be charged from solar energy and even through a hand-crank tool and more importantly, it is designed by educationists and targets the education sector making it customizable for any educational requirement with a full-fledged localization projects on different Indian languages.

"Designed by Yves Behar's Fuseproject, the XO-3's new design features an all plastic tablet screen which is semi-flexible and extremely durable, and just like the original XO, the display can be optimized in both transmissive and reflective modes for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

The XO-3 supports many use scenarios to fulfill kids’ learning needs: from horizontal book mode to portrait reading mode to multi-touch--so many hands can play and learn together on the same screen--to a full-touch keyboard and a back facing camera. "

Existing features (reliable list because I have an XO) - Wi-fi, 3G capability, audio-video, touch screen, open source code, a huge community of Indian techies and a galore of other goodies.

Cost ? Immaterial as OLPC India also provides for an option that is successful in the UK and even the World Bank subscribes - a lending library.


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