Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"The Train" design pattern

If design patterns have emerged or are supposed to emerge from pattern-mining, many of the design patterns, if not all, are like over-worked donkeys and consuming resources like an Elephant in a middle-class family.

Design patterns, in the current, technologically well-established and stable world, needs to be able to enhance its own effectiveness by regrouping itself to make use of available resources.

Design patterns have been regarded as solutions to similar problems with a total disregard to how platform changes, resource managemrnt improvements, hardware improvements, hardware-software collaboration may affect the outcome of a designed solution.

The modern, post-web 2 world of design patterns has to be inherently dynamic enough to accomodate even language enhancements to utilize, optimally, hardware advancements like parallel processing or greater memory addressing powers.

"The Train" pattern that I am talking about here will not only be the basis for all modern artifacts like a computer game, it may also serve as the right solution to serve dynamically changing artifacts in processes.

The model of this pattern is already posted on this blog as a procces model.

I will post this pattern in an Android app, first, and later as the controller of a game.

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