Friday, 27 October 2017

Sugar on Pi - headless Raspberry Pi 3 B

SoaS or Sugar on a Stick was a popular interface to boot a Windows or any non-XO machine into the Sugar GUI.

With Raspbian (Stretch), there are different variants that range from Pidora to Fedora but this approach using a Sugar based Linux image created by Sugar labs, thankfully worked although with a few glitches when working with the Journal. Not sure if it is less memory or connecting through XMing.

I guess it is early days to make any confident observation on the maturity of using Sugar Activities on the RasPi3 but I am thrilled with the prospect of offering a less than $100 educational laptop based on the Raspberry Pi 3 B or Raspberry Pi Zero W hardware.

The reason for the thrill is the My Neighborhood interface that works with the WiFi connectivity.

The interface I used to connect graphically with the Pi is the ssh+x11 using Xming as the display output. 

Extensively testing the Sugar interface on a 512 M or 1 G motherboard would be the first task that I must accomplish to enable the bundling of the fabulous Sugar activities on the Pi.

A video of the Sugar interface on the Raspberry Pi and the Sugar activities on Sugarizer server.

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