Monday, 15 May 2017

There is something about Scrum...

...that makes me often think if there is no way that you can avoid corruption in the professional world because so bound is everything together that the more you try to resolve dependencies, the more they crop up in another form, in another aspect or place.

Ignoring Mr. Lingo-Nathan (a hideous rule-obsessed maniac), if a resource goes absent on the first day of a Sprint to the 7th day after the Sprint Backlog is planned (Mr. Lingo-Nathan would insist that the resource should not have gone on leave!), and a replacement resource is allocated the same work and the hours are billed as planned, how does it affect productivity, when we measure the effort of both Resource X and Y?

It is not a question that I pose but a preamble to manage Scrummers and Sprinters separately when doing Scrum.

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