Saturday, 12 September 2015

The DropBox Facade pattern

The advancement and move towards leaner approaches in the software development lifecycle should not just stop with processes and the refinement of activities within the processes but must also extend to programming, design and implementation techniques.

For instance, there is the web server that always listens to a client on a specific port using a protocol is the standard definition of the web application architecture.

But why should a server listen all the time? If there are no clients then it is a waste of server resources. Technology advancements now provides the luxury of thinking as per one's needs and not as per the constraints of the technology used.

NodeJs provides the right platform to implement such a server, which does not keep listening but has the smart sense to switch off when no client is talking to it.

Footnote (usually known as PS for the dense in haste and the out of context) - This pattern is based on the Node.Js framework, which has a certain unique flavor! :)

'Switching off a server' is not to be taken in the 'hardware' context but as a web app server that can be started and stopped for each app instance.

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