Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Had a good time at TW hosted VodQA G'gaon 2012.

Took my own brunch of sandwiches for various & personal reasons, which on hindsight seems to have been a good idea because of the time that it took the hosts to resume the session! :) The guy operating the video camera came late after a 'free' lunch!:P And the session on was Xebia's, a NCR competitor for the host! 

My session was, as usual, eaten out by lengthy primers, introductions, the presenter-remote malfunctioning ...! :P

The most enjoyable was a game. More than the game, the fun was in watching a female rushing in for the game, which was to be played with teams of 5 and we already had the teams formed but she joined ours named "Dog" and made a cat sound without even waiting for the instructions (how on Earth did she know how the game was to be played if she came in late? I will ask her the next time I see her, if there is one!)

Another interesting session was one on "ethical (erm!)" hacking by TW. The presenter showed the audience how you can steal passwords, even get into bank accounts and all that stuff that really appeal to the young gen. Erm!

Best part of the whole exercise for me was that I had a peaceful sleep after reaching home. Slept for about 18 hours with the intermediary breaks for dinner, a movie, twitter etc. :P

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