Saturday, 18 July 2009

Agile NCR Conference 2009

I presented on "ROI with Agile" and the session went much better than I had anticipated.

The conference, itself, was organized as well as last year and soon, we should probably see the NCR conference going international. Its popularity and enthusiasm generated by this conference is engaging and infectious.

My colleague, a first time attendee to the conference, was eager to check the budget of such a conference so tht our company could host it as well!

The organizers, Xebia, were gracious and the sponsors, Ericsson, were excellent in their support. The presentation by Hedwig Baars was excellent as was the participation of the Ericsson employees in the conference.

In all, a highly successful conference and after this conference, i genuinely believe that i, my colleagues at the conference and my company can go Agile, with total confidence.


Manu said...

Dear Ravichandran, Your presentation was really very interesting and would love to have a link to the same. It was a very important subject which it touched upon and I guess we have reached a time in Agile Life where these aspect would be further drilled into.
Overall the Agile NCR was a great success and was a great day and value for us in Ericsson. Thanks for all your good words.

Best Regards
Manu Shah

nikhil said...

HI Ravi,

during the entire presentation time i was identifying how Agile can actually be a remedy to a sick unit and process. The estimation part was nicely presented by you and I'll surely try to bring agile to my practice in sales and marketing.

Thank You Ravi & Xebia

Nikhil Bhatnagar.

Abhishek said...

Hey Ravi, you are a very pro-active member of our Agile Community. As always, I counted on you when we decided to organize this conference, and as always, u delivered with all the spirit and energy! Kudos to you Agile spirit.

I have captured your presentation along with all other presentations, and shared it on SlideShare. Also there are a few pics shared on Flickr.

My blog ( points to all relevant links. You are more than welcome to have a look at the related links.

Needless to say, I will wait for your comments and feedback...