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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Who is who in Agile!

Compilation of people so highly inspired by Agile that they try to implement it in life

Scenario: Newly married. 
1. Agile stresses on Early Releases

Husband, newly inspired by Agile; wife, waterfall model!:P
End of iteration - Wife frustrated, customer satisfied, husband, disgusted with Agile and declares "Agile No good"

2. Agile stresses on more testing
Scenario: House Owner - Tenant
Owner, newly inspired by Agile, non-IT Haryanvi
Due to water scarcity, owner wants to test if the tenant closes all the taps before going out of house and starts running the water motor after the tenant leaves the house.

End of iteration - Due to exploitation over water, Tenant kills owner.

More to follow ;-)